Static/Base location

Is there any documentation (wiki/webpage/videos) for setting up and using the KrakenSDR in a static location? OR does anyone have any info/suggestions for using the Kraken in a permanent setup? Is it as easy as parking a vehicle with the antenna array on the roof or is there more to it?

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All you need to do is set static location coordinates and heading in the Kraken GUI or in the Android app select manual location.

If you are setting the coordinates in the web GUI, then choose the “Kraken” bearing mode in the app.

Nothing else needs to change. But of course remember that with a static location you will only get a single bearing. There’s no way to triangulate unless you use multiple distributed units and our web mapper at

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How many disturbed units would you need? I’m thinking about purchasing a second unit for two stationary krakens OR one mobile and one stationary. Would a stationary kraken aid the mobile one at all?

If you have a fixed and a mobile unit it can speed up detection time, as long as the stationary unit receives the signal. As then at least you have a starting direction to travel in. But as you drive the single data point from the fixed station becomes significantly less important. So it only really matter if you want to save a potential few minutes travelling in the wrong direction when starting a drive.

If you have all fixed unit, you would need at least 3 to get a viable search area triangulated. More might help with averaging and ruling out false bearings from some stations.

Sorry to resurrect pretty old thread, but what should i use as bearing in linear setup?
Location was a no-brainer, but heading is a bit tricky.

the direction of antenna0 I believe

so direction of straight line from ch4 to ch0?