Fixed mobile vehicle

Good morning
I need to look for the source direction of a signal from a high point.
For that I have to go to this high point in mobile And wait for the intermittent signal to appear.
My question is as follows: How can I configure the KRAKEN software so that it gives me the correct heading for the stopped vehicle?
To put it simply, I want to use my mobile station but as a fixed station.
I hope I made myself understood.
Thank you for your answers

As far as I understand, the whole “Pause Data collection hen Stationary” setting in the mobile app is to improve the overall gathered data, something having to do reducing the invalid samples having to do with multipath signals. Should be fine to disable for your use case IMO.

Now when it comes to you actual question, are you asking if you need to manually correct the percise heading of your antenna array when you are stationary with the car, so the results are actually precise?

Static/Base location ← I think this has the info you need.

Once parked, you can measure your heading yourself and set it manually.

You can’t get a heading automatically from GPS without sufficient movement.

thank you all for your answers