[SOLVED] Running DOA Without WiFi Hotspot/via Ethernet?

[Thanks to KrakenRF for linking me to Ingo on StackExchange.] These instructions were enough to get the Pi connected to the EUD via ethernet - will update this when I figure out how to turn off the WiFi hotspot. (raspbian - Connect raspberry pi to another device via ethernet cable and assign it an ip address - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange)

To configure your Raspberry Pi for ethernet use, you’ll need a USB keyboard and HDMI mini to HDMI that connects to a screen. Hook both up to the Pi, once its booted up and you’re in the terminal go back a couple directories till you’re in the root before following Ingo’s instructions at the above link q.

Once complete, reboot the Pi and you should be able to connect to the EUD via ethernet. Keep in mind this doesn’t remove the krakensdr wifi hotspot generated by the Pi so if EMSEC is an issue for you it won’t remove it. You can connect to the Pi via EUD web browser using the same IP address as you would over the hotspot, you can find it by running ipconfig -a on the Pi, or how the manual suggests you do it and connect to the hotspot with your phone and run a network analyzer app.

Original post:
Want to run DOA without needing WiFi to connect to End User Device. Simply connecting the pi with the EUD via Ethernet doesn’t seem to do anything.

I also didn’t see anything about it in the user manual. Is there a way to make the raspberry pi talk to the EUD via Ethernet instead of connecting via WiFi hotspot?

In the scenario you described, the Pi would need to assign an IP to the EUD over Ethernet. Raspberry Pi OS does not do that by default.

A quick search yields this post from Stack Exchange. Please update this thread if this works for you.


First one worked - thanks a bunch KrakenRF! I will update the original post with how I did it.