Ethernet Connection vs. Hotspot


I’ve been through the array of threads and info on this subject, but I’m afraid I just can’t seem to find a breakthrough.

I wanted to set up my Android Phone to the Pi 4 I’m using via an ethernet cable. This phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) does not have a sim card, therefore I cannot initiate a “Hot Spot”.

I opted to follow the tutorial described here:

But these instructions are not really the best. I followed them as best as I could (not really knowing how to write files or code for a Raspberry Pi4, which is what I’m using.

I had to look up how to go to “root” in the terminal box, which I used a USB Monitor and Keyboard to do as described in the tutorial above. I typed “Sudo Su” to bring me to “root” (see below). Once I was in what I believe was “root” (root@krakensdr:home/krakenrf#), I followed the tutorial, but could not perform the step in the code:

mv /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces~
command. I received "cannot stat ‘etc/network/interfaces’ : no such file or directory

I believe I performed all of the steps outlined in the tutorial above, but I cannot connect via the ethernet.

I don’t know what information to add on my Samsung Galaxy 9 to configure the ethernet settings.

Also, when I reboot the Pi, it shows connected via the ethernet cable, but it does not stay connected.

Do I seriously need to get a SIM card and pay for a mobile service just to get my Kraken Up and running via a Hot Spot!? Seriously!? Looking at a $700 Paper weight, and I’m completely stumped.

Anyone know how to set this up, step-by-step
Kraken USB to Pi 4
Android to Pi 4 via Ethernet Cable (Not Hotspot capability/standalone Android for ATAK+Meshtastic)

If doing configuration changes for the Pi and using a phone with a SIM card is not desirable then perhaps buying a travel router is the path that is best for you.

Step 1: buy a travel router
Step 2: plug your Pi in to your travel routers LAN plug
Step 3: plug your phone in to your travel routers other LAN plug
Step 4: power the travel router
Step 5: power the Pi
Step 6: power the phone

If you’re connecting your Pi 4 via ethernet connection to a router, I’m assuming you are setting up a fixed location system? In that case, all you need to do is connect your phones WiFi to the same network as your Pi4.

You don’t need to use a hotspot.