Raspberry Pi 5 setup

I set one of tonight and had a few questions and comments.

It looks like the image runs a full desktop, it that right?
Is there any recommend overclocking?

With the desktop it makes it much easier to change the settings to link to your own hotspot settings (you don’t have you use the default one)

The boot time and linking time to the KrakenSDR is MUCH quicker!

It looks like the image does not like to fully shutdown, it starts the shutdown sequence but never fully completes it.

I’m excited to use it on the next fox hunt to see if there is any other performance gains

Thanks for trying the new image. It’s still in beta, but for me it’s been working fine so far.

Yes it runs the full desktop. A few customers requested the desktop on the Pi 4, but I didn’t want to activate that because then customers might run other programs like the web browser and end up congesting the CPU so much that Kraken samples are lost and hence coherence is lost too. Then people end up wondering why the Kraken doesn’t work well.

But on the Pi 5 we have enough processing power that that shouldn’t be an issue.

I did notice restart and shutdown issues too, but that’s all to do with the Raspbian OS image, and not the Kraken.

Versus the Pi 4 you shouldn’t notice any difference in DoA performance. The Pi 4 already runs the DoA code at full speed. The main advantage is going to be a more snappy UI and faster boot.

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Thank you for your reply and confirming the information.

I just picked up a Pi5 8GB as well. CPU cooler arrived and getting ready to out it to the test. Hopefully this is more reliable than the Pi48GB was.

So far mine has been noticeable better in every way.