Multiple Feature requests

While using the Kraken, I found myself stopped in locations, waiting for the signal to become active. The pause while at low speeds or hold directions doesn’t seem to hold my location or bearing well. It would be nice to see a quick way on map view to set a bearing and possibly a point. Maybe a pause and a set location button. Then add a resume gps button.

Also an option to edit each point or ignore some logged points. And add notes.

Also a live vfo-0 power value on the android app map.

Lastly and option in the android app to have preset configurations and be able to load them from android app. Would be helpful when bouncing between multiple repeater inputs. GMRS/Amature vhf & uhf

Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t quite understand your first suggestion though can you clarify? Do you mean to set a navigation point manually?

Will look into adding a way to delete points, but if there are only a few wayward bearings it doesn’t really matter as they just get averaged out. The whole point of this idea is to avoid needing to do manual dataset curation, since its possible to get a large number of data points quickly when driving, and any bad bearings get averaged out.

Notes and a power display is a good idea.

For presets, do you mean being able to control the krakensdr frequency through app buttons?

The first one, I want an easy way to turn off gps position and set a manual position on the map view, and be able to drag/set the bearing in set position. It will help when sitting in a parking lot waiting for a signal to become available when you do not have the best gps positioning & bearings. Also a button when using that mode on the map view to resume using gps position and bearing. That would help when leaving the parking lot when the signal becomes active.

The preset, the frequency is exactly what I mean. I want to be able to quickly switch from amature radio 2m to 70cm.