Locking in heading info

Any thoughts on adding a feature where you can lock in a heading while moving and then use it when stationary??

Implemented in the Android app? It’s possible. But what situation is this useful in?

An alternative might be to switch to compass for heading when the speed is below a certain level, but you need to ensure that your device is pointing in the right direction then.

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Switching to Compass mode would be another option, although I need to play with the compass in the Android to see if that will reliably work. It probably won’t work in my case as I have the android phone on the dash with a magnetic mount. LOL

I might be able to use an external compass sourse, such as a handheld device, and use that, but again this requires more steps.

The reason for locking in the heading is that we are tracking down a jammer that only transmits briefly about every 45 minutes. Much of the time I am pulling over to the curb and just waiting. Having the Android software remember the last gps heading would be very helpful in these cases. I am stopping generally in the same heading as I was driving.

Currently the heading holds for a brief time and then starts wandering. I could go to a manual heading but that would require plugging in the heading each time and going to fixed settings. Also I would need to get the heading information before stopping.

Hitting a button on the Android app map page, locking the heading, would be much cleaner.

It might just be better to make the valid GPS heading speed an editable value. If you find your GPS heading is drifting when you are below a certain speed, we can pause the heading update and data collection before that happens.

I think right now it’s hardcoded at about 2km/h, maybe that is too slow to detect on some devices.

That would be a step in the right direction but what I am really looking for is a way to continue to gather data but have an easy way to lock in or have a fixed heading. GPS will continue to give me correct long / lat information when sitting still, but cannot give me a heading without motion.
This way when I pull over to the side of the road and stop, I can continue to gather hits on a transmitter that only broadcasts randomly and usually 15 - 45 minutes apart and only for maybe 5 seconds at a time.
With the heading locked in it would still give me accurate doa information and hopefully by relocating after each hit, it would give me a better resolution on location?
After reading some of the other posts on the forum, I find that there are others who have a similar need. I know of at least three of us (club members) who have the Kraken and have the same thoughts about going from being in motion to stopping (fixed location).

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I see the use case now.

Would an option to lock the heading instead of pause everything when speed drops below a certain value also work?

Hi, Actually locking the heading below a certain speed is exactly what I need. In this way when I pull over or stop somewhere, the heading will stay the same while I listen for the next jamming signal.
One of the guys actually was switching to a fixed heading manually every time he stopped. Major amount of extra work.
Just locking the heading below a few miles an hour and leaving everything else active would be perfect.
Thank you

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I strongly second the need to maintain the heading to still allow doa processing when moving slowly or stopped. Note it needs to be available automatically (!), not require user input every time you slow or stop.

I downloaded the updated software and have tried the Locking of heading and it works great as long as you’re careful not to change heading after you stop or slow down. Thanks to everyone for giving us this new feature so quickly.

This feature is already there in the newest Android version, please test it out if you can.

How does it work with the web mapping if the heading lock isn’t in the rpi code?

The web mapper doesn’t have this feature implement at the moment. Only the Android app.