Groundplane or no groundplane

I’ve read several discussions on antenna and groundplane requirements on Kraken. My question is while knowing that a lack of groundplane will make for a less effective antenna, which might require a stronger signal, how does this effect the operation for DFing?
I have a situation where a groundplane might not be possible or if possible, I’m thinking of individual circular metal plates under each antenna??
Any experience on an installation where there is no groundplane?

I have seen pictures and I know a group of DFing collegues in Germany that are using such kind off ground plane antennas with circular metal plates under each antenne that you are describing. Maybe an arrow antenna (dipol antenna) could be evaluated as a solution for a fix place installation. More information you find with the following link.

Thanks for the information. I am familiar with the Arrow, but this is not a fixed location. Unfortunately, this is a case where the top of the vehicle is NOT metal, thus no ground plane.
I am leaning towards thinking that the ground plane will probably not effect the DF ability other than a bit less sensitivity, requiring a stronger signal???
Just trying to see if anyone has already tried this and what success they had.

cemaxecuter seemed to get everything working without a ground plane.

Without a ground plane the radiation pattern of an antenna can become skewed and non-omni directional. That can increase multipath problems as it could end up picking up a reflection more strongly than the actual signal.

But the problem of a skewed radiation pattern becomes less important when you move around and take data from many points as you do with the Kraken on a vehicle or man pack.

It becomes really important to have a proper ground plane with a fixed location setup though. This is typically why dipoles would be used at a fixed site since they don’t need a ground plane.

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Did you find a working solution?
I have successfully used center fed dipoles on Doppler systems but have yet to have any joy with the Kraken DoA-- mostly due to lack of time to experiment.

Nothing yet. I have figured out that some are using a small metal disc under each antenna when mounted on a platform that is non metallic
Like you, I have not had the time to experiment yet…