Feature request for Android App - Always Save, Timestamp Logs

I have lost collected data on a few occasions because I forgot to hit the save button. It would be great if the Android App had an option to always save.

Also, the current default log file is doalog.csv. I always have to change the name to make the files identifiable and avoid the inbuilt none-duplicate filename algorithm (adding " (1)" or some such). It would be great if it could automatically add a differentiating timestamp to provide reasonable default filename that helps identify the content.

Always Save (default: off?)
At exit, if you have set the save file or loaded a prior dataset and have collected additional data, save to that filename. If not, create a new file at exit and save the current dataset (you may want to enable Timestamp Log).

Timestamp Logs (default: on?)
If enabled, the default filename at time of save will be doalog.YYMMDD-HHMMSS.csv instead of doalog.csv

Kudos for the Save functions remembering the last save directory and defaulting back to that on subsequent saves. Nice!


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The app is actually always saving data. If you collected data and forgot to create a log file first, simply saving a log file with the data already collected will save that data to your log file when it’s created.

Good idea on making the default log file have the date, will look into that.

But if I exit (‘X’) without a Save - its all gone (it says its just in memory in the manual). Right?

That’s the behavior I want to protect against. ‘X’ will imply ‘Save’ first.

You might run into a different issue with an auto save feature. Some of us trying to track a signal where there are other signals present, need to reset the saved data frequently in order to try and capture just the one signal we are attempting to track. Unless you could turn auto save on or off, this would be a problem for those trying to clear the memory frequently.

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It was my intention that Always Save be an option in the Settings (if that was not clear, I apologize). In the name of backwards compatibility, it needs to be able to behave as it does today.

Yep if you press ‘X’ it will be deleted. Will look at adding a setting.