Which KrakenSDR RDF app version suits to Kraken software V1.7.0?

Last year I installed on my Huawei mobile “KrakenSDR version 1.27” and since than I used Kraken release V1.4.1 for further mobile measurements. With Huawei EMUI 9.1.0 this configuration with KrakenSDR app 1.27 was successful.

Now I am using Kraken release V1.7.0 and would like to know which KrakenSDR app version suits for this configuration? Or must app version 1.27 be updated? If yes, to which version?

Nothing to do with the app interface to the core KrakenSDR software has changed. So if the old app still runs on your Android device, it’s fine to keep using.

But I note that Google recently updated their API requirements, and forced all apps to update to their latest API. So it’s possible that Google will stop those older app installs from working if you ever update Android. In that case you will have to update the Kraken App.