Where can I find the Passive radar code?

I cant seem to find the PA code anymore.

I’m sorry but for regulatory reasons that have just come to light we’ve had to remove the PR code. We’re currently consulting with legal experts to see in what capacity we can re-release it, if at all, but unfortunately it’s not looking good. Once we have concrete information on what’s happening we’ll put out an official update, but this could take months.

If we end up in a situation were we can’t legally provide PR code anymore we’ll accept returns of the device on any customers who ordered specifically for experimenting with the PR code that we advertised.

I would be very interested to know which regulatory reasons you speak of. The kraken is a receiver. Unless ITAR is trying to get in on this. It’s math. You can’t export control math.

I would have guessed ITAR as well :frowning:

Would any user (perhaps from outside of the U.S.) mind to share the repository before it was pulled? :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t think we can have that shared on our forum yet. Going to lock this topic for now.