What is the difference between 'Log everything' and 'Hold bearing at low speed'

I am trying to understand the difference in logging behavior between these two logging options. We have an intermittent interference issue. Normally we will park at a starting point and wait. I am trying to minimize the amount of fiddling I need to do when an intermittent signal finally appears, and I start off driving.


Log everything - continuously logs all data without pause

Hold heading at low speed - still continuously logs, but when movement has stopped the heading value will be locked to the last good value from when you were moving. This stops the heading from going in random directions when stopped because GPS requires movement in order to calculate a heading.

Pause at low speed - Stop logging data when movement has stopped. Data while stopped might not be relevant because you’re logging the same data over and over. At the same time the heading reading could be bogus so you don’t want to log anyway. But this also stops the lobes in the UI from updating when paused.