Web API to set frequency remotely

Hello. Is there an API to remotely set frequency and maybe other settings from a third-party app? I know there is a way to read DOA output (:8081/DOA_value.html). Also, I know that I can update a settings.json file and changes will be applied, but since I want to do this remotely, I’ll have to create some kind of web app, running on a Raspberry, that will receive my commands and update the config file accordingly (I guess I am allowed by the Linux file access restrictions to do so), but is there a workaround? The Android app updates the frequency somehow, as well as the black-backgrounded config page on port 8080, so there must be some kind of existing API that does what I need. Thank you

P.S. Another idea that I have is SSH-ing to a running Pi to update a settings.json every time I want to change frequency, but it is a bit of an overkill

The Android app doesn’t update the frequency, you still need to do that via the web GUI.

We don’t have any API like that built at the moment, it all needs to be done through some middleware that writes the settings.json file. The web mapper can back control the Kraken via the middleware software. If you wanted to develop your own API that might be a good starting point.

Is “web mapper” a configuration web interface with a black background, that already uses the middleware you mentioned? Can a 3rd-party app use this pre-existing middleware to update the config?

No by web mapper I mean the site at map.krakenrf.com. Unfortunately it does require an authenticated connection from the server. But the code is open source, so you could probably program it to accept a web socket connection from your own control server.

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Doesn’t the black-backgrounded config page use WebSockets as well? Can I reuse the way of communicating it already uses to update the configuration?

This can be done in _nodejs/index.js. You can get settings.json and write it. After overwriting, the application will determine that the settings have changed and load it.