Voice guidance KRAKENSDR application

Good morning
On the new application on the smartphone. krakensdr 3.1.2 I noticed that the voice that guides us on the map is only in English.
I, who am French, would like someone to guide me in French like on the old application.
Is there a way to fix this?
Thank you for your answers .

We have to update the MapBox API recently so somethings might be different by default. Will look into the language locale issue.

This will be more convenient for me and for non-English speakers.

Thank you so much .

We just checked this by changing the locale to French and the GPS voice speaks in French, so it should already be working in the current version. Is your phone locale set to French?

Yes, my phone has the settings in French.
Pay close attention to the female voice speaking, saying a few words in French but with a strong English accent which prevents understanding.
It is impossible to be guided by this voice.
On the old version of Krakensdr the voice was in French without an English accent.
I don’t understand what happened!!!
In the current state it is impossible to be guided by this voice.

Can you please tell me what device you have and the OS version you are running?

I have like a smartphone. The REDMI NOTE 10 pro.
Android version 13.
I also own a Galaxy Tab A 8 tablet.
Android version 13.
I have the same problem on both devices.