VFO Frequency error on restart (DOA 1.7.0)

Upon restart, VFO-0 Frequency is set to top of DAQ Subsystem VFO range instead of RF Receiver Center Freq. Spectrum display is centered on an incorrect (different) frequency resulting in no/wrong DOA measurement.

[Update Receiver Parameters] corrects VFO-0 and gives a DOA reading.

Noticed same…but i reloaded firmware on memory card again, and put into RSP PI, did long test…so far working.

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Hmm I’ve been trying to replicate but can’t see that problem.

Can you list the exact steps to replicate?

Now unable to reproduce, but since reporting the issue I did an Rpi system upgrade/update in preparation for overclocking. This issue was very consistent before upgrade, performed as follows:

Start with Rpi Image 1.7.0 (Rpi 4B, no overclock)

  1. Configure DOA to receive an active station* and confirm Spectrum and DOA tabs are updating live (including VFO-0 Frequency shows target frequency). Example=162.55mhz, NOAA Weather
  2. [Save Configuration]*
  3. Restart (System Control System Restart, Pi power cycle or terminal Shutdown command, or any method?)
  4. SystemConfig tab shows VFO-0 freq not equal to RF Receiver Center Frequency (see earlier photo, example VFO-0=163.75mhz=top of DAQ Subsystem VFO range)
  5. Spectrum is centered on incorrect VFO-0 frequency and DOA screen doesn’t update (like no signal, example=162.50mhz)
  6. In Config Tab, select [Update Receiver Parameters], VFO-0 is updated to match RF Receiver Center Frequency. Example both=162.55mhz
  7. Spectrum and DOA screens now show correct processing and DOA result.

*Note: Because I saw this on first use and noticed Squelch Mode now defaults to Auto, I changed to Manual Squelch Mode and levels I used in v1.6.1

I’ve tried that a few times now with variations but can’t replicate. If it comes back or if anyone else experiences this please let me know.

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I’ve noticed the same issue and I recognized on this new VFO frequency a strong signal. I remembered the function that Kraken software jumps to the highest signal within DSP size. I reduced DPS size from 1 to 5, so DSP bandwidth was smaller and in the “search view” for my target signals.

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