VFO BW for 433 MHz signal

i want to df for 433 MHz Sgnal. can any one guide me how to select VFO BW for 433 MHz signal

You need to find out what the bandwidth of the signal of interest is prior to doing any direction finding. If you don’t know, you can just use 12500 assuming there are not more than two signals within that bandwidth.

[quote=“krakenrf_carl, post:2, topic:93”]
[/quote] i used the same 12500 Hz
can you e mail me the complete procedure / detail for direction finding for 433 MHz RF Source.
More over I want df for band 100 MHz - 520MHz . Can I implement this with Kraken 05 Channels SDR. How can I do
Band Width of kraken SDR is 2.4 MHz
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