Using Kraken as multiple SDR’s feeding multiple programs / decoders

Newbie here :upside_down_face:
I want to be able to use my kraken to feed multiple pc based programs / decoders. Eg ADSB / AIS / NOAA Satellites etc.
How do I go about doing this?
Do I need a sdr driver for each of the 5channels?
Do the individual channels show up as a pre- numbered sdr ?
Any other suggestions / help will be very much appreciated.

KrakenSDR will show up as five RTL-SDR devices.

So if you’re not using any of the coherent features, you can just treat the KrakenSDR as 5 independent RTL-SDR’s.

Only one driver install is required. There will be a unique serial number for each of the RTL-SDRs that show up.

Thank you for the help.

All set up and working as desired. I am using SDR++ in which they do indeed show up as individually numbered RTL units (numbered 0 to 4).
I loaded up 5 separate instances of SDR++ and all can run at the same time. Just what I wanted.

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I’m interested in using the KrakenSDR as a multiple receiver array in a single piece of software that could be configured to drive all 5 receivers to sweep several bands simultaneously. Instantaneous bandwidth is the bottleneck, I know. Does anyone know if there’s an existing software that can be configured to do this without too much drama?


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Just for sweeping and logging data, or also for recording wav or IQ files?

Something like rtl-airband or rtl-sdr-scanner-cpp could be used to monitor multiple channels over a wide swept bandwidth.

If you’re just wanting to measure the spectrum power, then rtl_power should be able to handle that.

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