Using an Apple Phone

Has anyone been successful using this method or any other method using an Apple phone?
I have an Apple phone that has a hotspot named KrakenAndroid with a password of KrakenAndroid connecting to an Android tablet running the Kraken App. I still need to find a way to get the IP addresses.

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I am trying to do something similar - ie I have kraken image running on Pi4. The image was made with a MacBook - Raspberry imager > custom image for the kraken software.

then instead of connecting to hotspot I have PI connecting to my local network. I have the IP by using Arp.

The problem I run into is I am trying to access web gui from MacBook but am unable to reach it. It seemed like from the docs hotspot wasn’t required as long as you could reach the PI but… maybe I am incorrect.

I also tried via IOS hotspot but the PI/Kraken did not connect to hotspot. Sorry that wasn’t more helpful just to say I am trying as well and if I figure it out I will let you know haha.

They also say SDR++ will not run on Mac M1 but I was able to do that with some hacking it up so… I think we can figure it out maybe.

I’m not familiar with iOS but there should be a way to find the IP of the connected KrakenSDR via the iOS settings. If not, maybe there is a third party app that can help.

Unfortunately, my IT skills are very weak but if someone can come up with a solution they would be the hero for many IOS users. I keep trying every thing I can think of.

The OS runs avahi-daemon by default which broadcasts mDNS and the default hostname is krakensdr.local so whether you’re connected over its wifi or ethernet you can hit the same host and it will provide the correct interface IP, so just browse to http://krakensdr.local:8080

If you can’t use mDNS for some reason (for example multiple systems on the same network without having changed the name), then if connecting via wifi say on iOS, you can just look up the router IP which is the SDR’s IP for the interface by going to Settings->Wifi->[sdr network you’re connected to] and scrolling to the Router address, which I believe is by default so you could also try

[Update] - I have it working now with Kraken> Pi4> MacBook OR Intel Tablet. I am still messing around with Mac because I don’t believe there is a krakenSDR app for IOS. I am currently connecting to Pi/Kraken via Web browser - but this does kind of limit functionality a bit it seems.

For Iphone I will try later today, but my guess is the web browser will work. Short summery of how I did it:

  1. used default image on SD burned with Raspberry Pi imager - during which I setup my own wifi connection for the PI (named whatever you want) in this case I am at home so I used my home wifi details. Theoretically, you could create a hotspot and enter the details you want.

  2. I created my own user/password during imaging. This actually caused me some issues which I will explain. But at this point the Pi4 was able to connect to my home wifi automatically (not KrakenAndroid)

  3. Now that you can reach the PI, you can SSH into the PI and fix my mistake of changing the default user name haha. in /home/ there should be a directory /kraken/ where all the files live but… since I created a new user it was /home/Username/

So it was not working and giving me a head ache. The reason - all the files reference the file path /home/kraken/ (but that did not exist).

I created a new directory in home called kraken (or krakensdr… can’t remember but will check). Then I copied all of the files from /home/fakeuser to /home/kraken

After that you can type the Pi’s IP address:8080 into your browser and connect to the web GUI. This was in safari so I assume I could connect with iPhone by doing the same.

@deangate if you need some help let me know. Also I’ve been wanting to start maybe an insta gram that helps people like ourselves understand how to do this stuff in an easier way. I am ok with scripting but by no means a programmer and definitely not a hardware guy… It seems like a lot of info out there expects you to have a pretty good grasp on linux / SDR / or programing.

@spooky-bonez You can also hit http://krakensdr.local:8080 without knowing the IP as it’s running avahi-daemon (mDNS daemon) by default (and you can adjust the hostname if you want to call it something else – I’m lazy so I use k : )

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I had trouble reaching the default hostname/fqdn (I changed it during imaging and forgot :smiling_face_with_tear:) One of the many problems I created for myself during setup haha

Haha oops, glad you got it working!