User/Password addition to the web interface

I want to set up one of my Krakens at a remote location as a stationary unit and use the DOA screen for just getting approximate bearings.

The problem is, the web/configuration interface would be exposed to the outside world for me to get to it.

I realize I could use the mapping system and/or a VPN to keep the “public” out of it, but is there a way to add a user/pass to the web interface for these types of situations? Leaving the DOA / config screens exposed to the internet is just not a good idea, even if they are on a non-standard port.

FYI: I won’t need the additional port that is used by the Android app for this particular situation if that makes it any easier.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Isn’t something like zero tier much easier and more secure for creating network isolation?

We can add simple password access but that could still be brute forced.

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You could always use a VPN. I’ve installed OpenVPN on several remote Pi’s (not running Kraken), then the only port facing the internet requires keys, etc. makes the setup pretty easy, then to access the site, people have to have a key that you’ve issued to them.

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Yes indeed. I got it figured out. Thanks for the advice.


The connection being laggy shouldn’t stop the actual unit from working. Just the GUI updates.

Even without the VPN does the Kraken stop?