Use Android Phone to share GPS data to Kraken


I’ve been attempting to provide GPS location and heading to the KrakenSDR via an Android Phone and the Kraken App. I was under the assumption that if I just have the phone connect to the Raspberry Pi 4 hotspot or the Pi to connect to the Androids hotspot that it would provide that GPS data. The best I get is a split second of the web interface sayingg “GPS: Connected” then immediately saying “GPS: Error”.

I’m beginning to wonder if it is even possible to use the Android phone for GPS. Are there specific settings I need or should I just be using a USB GPS?

Thank you for the help

Hello, an Android phone will not provide GPS data to the Pi simply by connecting it with a cable. I don’t think it’s possible to get GPS data this way.

But if you are using the Android app, you do not need to provide GPS data to the Pi. The Android app will automatically use GPS data from the phone.

If you happen to have the Kraken separated from the phone, or have a phone/device without GPS, you can connect a gpsd compatible hardware USB GPS puck to the Pi, and as long as it’s supported by gpsd, the Kraken should detect it.