USB Tether for PI4

Has anyone used usb tether between the PI4 and the phone or tablet rather than wifi? Suggestions? I love t hunting building antennas but completely new on PI and SDR. Thank you, my favorite programing language is solder…

I can’t remember exactly how I set it up, but it is possible and I have done it in the past. From what I remember it wasn’t difficult, I think it was just a setting change in Android that was required to enable USB tethering.

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thank you Ill get back to this after next weekend. Off to do ham stuff at pacific beach. Several pi specialists will be there maybe someone will help me out. Ill report back if I figgure it out. tnx

Absolutely my favorite interface. I tether to a Secure Travel WiFi Router and hardwire to the Ethernet ports off that. Use an OTG cable from your cellular device to the travel router so you can keep it charged. I find tethering keeps my phone cooler than when I create a wireless hotspot. Another benefit to tethering is when you find yourself in an area with weak cellular signal. That confuses the entire system when the signal drops out when connected to a wireless hotspot. I’m not certain why, but when the PI is connected to the internet through a physical connection, it doesn’t confuse the kraken when the signal drops out. As soon as your device is back in service, everything picks back up where it left off seamlessly. I can also run multiple devices with this method. I highly recommend you experiment with it.

only took the guy that knew pi 10 min or so to make it run. Sadly you must shut off the cell internet to use it. I have an old phone I will probably dedicate to this. He had to change the boot up file to look for the wired connection first. It will also work in hotspot mode. In hotspot you can use the phone internet.