Updating Existing Pi

I’ve been looking around the Wiki and the forums to see if there are published steps to upgrading an existing Pi (short of downloading the new imagine and overwriting the card).

I found the steps to manually install the packages.

Are there steps or scripts to updating the OS/applications for an existing Pi?

Best to just burn a new image, it only takes a couple of minutes.

But to update manually you can go a git pull in the krakensdr_doa and heimdall directories to get the latest code, then recompile the heimdall _daq_core files, and clear the system cache via the GUI.

But if you just want to use the software and don’t know much about Linux it can be complicated.

Thanks Carl.

I’m Linux friendly. And I have a number of Pi’s doing different projects.

I’m familiar with updating the base OS. Just wondering the steps for updating the core software.