ULA output diretion is MUSIC and RMUSIC, Perfomarnce of algorithms

Hello again, I am using linear array in my setup and I set forward ULA output direction. When I use MUSIC algorithm I don’t take any estimation ins the backward direction. However, when I use RMUSIC I get more than enough estimations to the backward direction. Any ideas why this happens? How the filter for the output direction works?

Moreover, I have observed that MUSIC has fewer wrong estimations (I mean totally wrong not just some degrees offset) compared to RMUSIC but when RMUSIC has a good estimation is better than MUSIC i.e the estimated degree is nearer to the true degree. Do you have made such an observation too?

I believe that the Root MUSIC algorithm might not be set up to work correctly for ULA and the direction blocking code. Please remember Root MUSIC is an algorithm added by a third party contributor to the open source code, and we accepted the PR for academic purposes at this time. We still highly recommend using standard MUSIC.

It will be difficult to compare MUSIC and Root MUSIC in practice without some sort of fully multipath isolated anechoic chamber.

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