Tell me someone tried to extend the operating range to 6 GHz? There is this article, maybe someone tried to implement it:

We already have that hack implemented in the KrakenSDR drivers, so in theory you can already tune beyond the max range of a standard RTL-SDR. However, in all my tests I have not been able to get DFing working well when used in this hack range. Even with a HPF used.

Maybe if you have a tight bandpass filter and a very specific band of interest + an LNA, then it might work. But I don’t want to get any hopes up.

Thank you very much for the answer!

Do I understand correctly that these drivers are already built into firmware 1.6.1?

Tell me, in your experiment, did you use standard antennas?

Yes it’s been built in since the beginning.

I did use tuned antennas and arrays for the band of interest.