Tracking is off

I have system setup in the vehicle. Listening on 147.780. We had out local net. As i went passed the net controls road… the kracken was not changing direction. But was showing it was still west. As i passed. Still learning. And there is a lot to learn.

I have the app on 2 phones. And tried different things to see the difference.

Setup. Kraken 5 antenna.
Raspberry Pi 4B
Antennas are at 42.17cm. (Labeled before i placed them and ran the coax. So i would not cross them up).

On the one pic the repeater output freq is showen. ( so i know i need to change the bandwidth or spacing) that might be where all the blue Splatter is showing up.

Note: it wouldn’t let me upload the 2 picture.

Hi, first what error did you get when trying to upload the images? Image upload should work. Maybe the images are just too large and need to be resized?

So the lobe was not moving at all? This indicates that either the squelch was activated (perhaps the signal VFO was not correctly centered on the signal?), or there was some other problem and the DOA algorithm wasn’t even running.

Even when not moving you should notice that the DOA lobes move a little bit. If they’re totally static, something has gone wrong, or a setting has been set wrongly.

After some research. The kraken was set to
the input at 147.780 but because i was around 5-7 miles from the repeater that output at 147.180, and the kracken was locking onto that output.

The sampling Frequency of 2.4 (146.580 - 148.980) and i been playing around with DSP to lower the ranger to keep it as close to thr 147.780
But the hits goes wild if the DSP is set too high

In the one picture is where i was passing the Net controls house with the red dot is. And it was set to 147.780 but was getting hits on 147.180 4 miles from the repeater.

If you’re getting bleed over from nearby strong signals, you can try increasing the VFO FIR Order Factor in the VFO controls card.

That can help filter out those nearby signals from the VFO, but it can also slow down processing if you make it too large.

VFO-0 FIR is default to 2… what would be a better number. I did look at the Wiki and still learning about each settings…

Anything higher is better in terms of keeping interfering signals out. But as you increase the FIR filter the it will use more processing power, so watch that the update rate does not exceed the data block length, otherwise, you could start dropping samples.