Timestamp of Packets

Hi! I’m trying to use KrakenSDR to do some measures and thus I need to know how timestamps in the packets are setup. Is the timestamp the point in time of the last data sample or the first? I tried looking into the Heimdall documentation but did not find anything there.

The timestamping is not really anything accurate, it’s just to get a rough idea of the latency from antenna to display output. It shouldn’t be relied on for anything like TDoA. The creator of the timestamping code said:

Unfortunatelly this timestamping is not so accurate.The current time is asked from the system when the data is available in the buffer for sending (in the rtl_daq code). So it is bounded rather to the last data sample, but since there is internal buffering it is hard to tell the antenna to timestamp delay.

Thanks for the reply! I guessed that was the case but wanted to make sure. For my purposes the bounded condition will probably be enough to make sure that I listen to the correct signal.