Suggestions for funktions

Suggestions for funktions.
Profile: Good if having several profiles that save antenna space and other useful data. The profile should be an easy soft button. So if changing antenna its only one “push” to get it to work. The profile should also activate one output on RSPI so external RF switches can be controlled depending on frequency band in use.
This is especially useful when driving, and use VHF, then suddenly want to change antenna to UHF.
Maybe others have ideas of other useful functions?

Thanks, we’ve got presets on the roadmap. Do you mean that we should have a way to select a RPI GPIO to get activated on a preset?

Something like that, to activate a GPIO depending on a pre-defined frequency band. If i for example pre-define that between 145 to 174 MHz, i want GPIO1 be activated. and so on…

This would be great for automatically switching from one antenna set to another :+1: