Suggestion about new feature

Hello All,

I would like to suggest you a new feature, just in case you would find it interesting.

You could apply beam steering techniques to the data from all the coherent channels, to virtually point the fixed antenna array to a certain direction.

The output could be available from a TCP server that emulates rtl_tcp. So you would get a single virtual RTL SDR connected to a single virtual directive antenna, with no physical rotator.

Perhaps it could also be possible to emulate rotctld from hamlib, in order to rotate the virtual directive antenna from any compatible linux application.

A single linux or android app, such as gqrx, could connect to the rtl_tcp emulator and receive the signal of interest.

In my view, it could be even more interesting if you also can implement null steering to null jammers or just some noise coming from a certain direction.

Perhaps the proposed new feature could be integrated with DOA to automatize the rotation of the virtual directive antenna. An issue would be if the strongest signal detected by DOA subsystem is in fact a jammer or noise source. I do not know if this issue could be avoided and how, perhaps some other people could tell us.

Or, if you are not interested in beam steering, perhaps just DOA data could be fed into a true rotctld server, to control a true rotator and directive antenna using the data from the fixed array.

Please consider it as a possible future development.

Thank you very much.

Hello, thanks. Yes we’re working on beam steering applications, initially for use with radio astronomy applications. Still early stages on that app though.