Suggested settings and set up for static location

Hi All,
i’ve recently received my KrakenSDR and I have been experimenting with it inside my house over the last few days. I intend to set this up in a semi-permanent location in the future and I wanted to check if there were any suggested settings in the Kraken server, accessed via the browser that I have connected to via my phone hotspot. I can see that there is one setting about pausing data collection while stationary, which I have unchecked. Is there anything else to do settings wise?
I’m also wondering about a permanent internet connection, rather than using a hotspot on my phone. The latter isn’t really practical for a permanent static location. If i connect to my own internet, can I connect an ethernet cable to the Raspberry Pi and use that? I assume i wouldn’t be able to use the KrakenSDR Android app, but will be able to store the data locally?
One final question, as this will be a static station, the GPS coordinates will never change. Can you hard code the position of the station, rather than having to connect to a GPS receiver? In the datalog file on my phone I can see that there are positions in there, what i would need to have would be one set of values or the lat/long.
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You can manually enter latitude and longitude on the SDR settings page (the one at port 8080). There is a “location source” dropbox, select “static” and enter your coordinates
Screenshot 2023-01-17 235419

Regarding the internet connection: you can either name your WiFi router KrakenAndroid with the same password, and Raspberry will connect to it automatically, or edit the config file (GitHub - krakenrf/krakensdr_doa):
sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
to add your WiFi hotspot if you want to use one instead of an Ethernet

Great, thanks for the info.
Just a follow up question regarding using a wired ethernet connection. Can i still use the KrakenSDR app to log in a check if i am seeing any signals in my frequencies of interest and to download any data, or would i have to download the log file from the Raspberry Pi? I’m just trying to get my head around how I might set this up as a permanent station.

You can use the web interface to log in and check the spectrum display whenever you like.

If you’re logging your data to disk via the Kraken’s web interface, you’ll need to periodically pull that file down through the web interface or via SCP. It’s not really designed to log for extended periods of time, otherwise the log file could get huge.

If the signals are intermittent, you can use the squelcher to only log data when the signal is active and that may save your log file getting huge if the transmissions are not too frequency.

For long term monitoring we’re still working on a web based mapping solution ( which will continuously log data for days. But that part isn’t ready yet.

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thanks for the reply. Apologies, i have only just realised you’d responded.
Ok, that seems like a good option (SCP, i’ll check that out). The signals will be intermittent, so maybe that’s the best approach. Is it possible to periodically delete the log data if it gets too big

We haven’t implemented any way to rotate log files yet, but you can change log files names, and delete old ones from within the UI.

@cappers2 how is this going?
I am thinking of setting mine up in a static location and wondering how well it’s worked for you and if you ran into any issues.