Stuck in the middle . .

Started installing Linux version a couple months ago (using Mint Cinnamon). Got it to work on desktop, but not laptop. Saw the VirtualBox/Docker versions, started working on that, but had to step away for a bit. I’d like to try the Linux install scripts now.

Question: Since I have things installed already, is there any clean up I need to do before running the scripts? I forgot to get a backup after I got Linux (and other stuff) installed on the laptop, and don’t want to start from scratch if I can avoid it.


Did you install via the scripts before? They might complain about the directories already existing.

I would remove the kraken_doa, kraken_pro, librtlsdr, kfr, and miniforge directories in your home folder. Delete the original script, download the latest script, and reinstall with that.

I had run all the commands manually. I also started to make a script myself, but thankfully don’t need that now. After deleting the directories and downloading the latest script, I ran it and things seemed to go O.K.

I’m assuming at this point I need to run When I do, this is the result:

$ ./
Shut down DAQ chain …
[sudo] password for spaceman:
Config file check bypassed [ WARNING ]
kernel.sched_rt_runtime_us = -1
WARN:Ports used by the DAQ chain are not free! (5000 & 5001)

The warning just keeps repeating, even after waiting approx. 5 minutes. Not sure what to try next. The Troubleshooting section suggested enabling logging, so I did, but couldn’t find any log files. It also suggested using ssh to connect and run some rtl_test commands, but I couldn’t figure out what IP address to connect to. I’d appreciate any guidance on what to check.


Do the devices show up fine in lsusb?
The log files are hidden a little deeper - in middleware or something I think. They are there just keep digging a little more.

If the DAQ ports are not free, then you likely have an instance still running from before that won’t shut down. Best to restart your PC to fix that as it can be very hard to force close those ports otherwise.