Storage Options

I though I might share this with the community.
While setting up a raspberry Pi to handle the processing I found that I had wires all over my desk to power both units and to connect the KrakenSDR and the Raspberry Pi together. I felt this would not be good for longevity and ease of use. I decided to build a “go box” just for the KrakenSDR. Not only is it a storage box, but it makes it easy to mount in a car with a simple seatbelt.


Very nice. I was also thinking of decent storage/tote style case.
A safer and easier deployment.
Go from tracking to packing in minutes. :+1:

We were probably working on our kits about the same time last weekend. I went very similar, though I was unhappy with the power cycles every time I turned the car on or off, so I added a small battery that will carry the load for 20 minutes or so.
The antennas and cables were still on the car when I took these photos this morning

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I Love it.
I’m lucky that my car 12v outlet does not turn off with the key. And so far once I get system running starting the car does not effect it. I love the idea of having its own battery!