SSH & Powerful Transmitters

Two questions:

  1. I’m not finding how to ssh into the RaspberryPi when running the KrakenSDR Direction Finding image on my Pi. Is this possible, and if so what is the username/PW ?
  2. The documentation mentions being careful around/avoiding powerful transmitters. I understand driving up to a 100K Watt commercial transmitter might be a problem, but what about a 5W handi-talkie in the car while DF’ing and transmitting on a nearby frequency?

Details in the wiki Appendix. Login credentials are krakenrf/krakensdr, SSH port 22.

KrakenSDR is a sensitive receiver and max input allowed is 10dBm. If you’re running 5W you still need to take care that you don’t transmit right near the antennas as that could exceed 10dBm. In the 70cm band, a distance of 2-3m should be safe.