Software questions

I became interested in how the KrakenSDR software was made and some questions arose.

  1. Why is Ne10 DSP library used for ARM64 architecture and KFR DSP library for x86_64?
    Looks like Ne10 is abandoned. Using one framework would make it easier to maintain.

  2. You start/stop multiple services with a single shell file. Why is systemd service not being used?
    I think this will improve reliability and usability.

  3. You have a php server running on the _android_web folder. But there is not a single line in php. Why is php used for this? Or I do not understand something? Can you explain?

Thanks for an interesting project!

  1. The reason is that NE10 won’t build on x64, and the KFR c API which we need isn’t supported on ARM. It would be nice to eventually move away from these dependencies and just use Python for decimation on the DSP side, but for some rarer applications that involve streaming data over a network connection, predecimation on the DAQ side may still be required.

  2. Makes it easier for users to install on their own system without having to create services that they may not want.

  3. We just need a super simple one line of code server to serve the DOA_value.html file.