Single line in DOA screen

I had some novice that was using krakenSDR, and only used DOA screen to show direction. And it worked, but they had problem. The Digits on top helped, but they needed only to see a single line, not a “baloon” moving around the compass screen.
Is it possible to have an option to only see a single line instead of a “baloon” moving around, it would help them alot.

Hello, are you referring to the web interface or the Android app? I think learning to use the full DOA ‘balloon’ data is a lot more valuable, as then at least you get some intuition on how good the DOA result is, or if it is being corrupted by multipath.

If that data is reduced to just an arrow, all that extra valuable information is lost.

Its the Web Interface, well, they get confused to see this “baloon” moving around. For a person not used to use radio, its confusing. They only need a single line. The “digits” on the top works, but for them, its hard to convert in the head to a direction.

Got it. Will add that as an option in the near future.

Thanks. That will help.