Saving and resuming tracking sessions for a jammer

I am hoping to clarify how to use the Android App and Kraken Pi Server to best effect when tracking an intermittent jammer where tracking needs to take place over a series of days.

This is not well documented, so I will lay out my understanding any we can use any feedback to improve the docs. My understanding is…

If you are going to be doing multiple tracking sessions for a target, its essential that you set a logfile for the target when you initially start. This is done by hitting the Save button (floppy icon - god, why do we still use that icon for saving?), which will prompt for filename (default doalog.csv). Choose an appropriate name and push the Save button at the bottom.

If you need to resume a tracking session on a target, push the Load button (folder icon), and a list of files on your Android device will appear. Find the file set previously for this target, and select it by tapping the filename in the middle. (Don’t use the box on the right hand side that will try to display the contents.)

You can now enable tracking using the Arrow button and tracking will resume.

Is there a way to upload these to Is this a sensible thing to do?

Would it make sense to share these with another KrakenSDR users if you were working as a team on a tracking project? How would that best be done.

Can tracking files be somehow sensibly combined?

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I haven’t used the log file function. Sounds pretty simple, and I will have to give it a try. Most of my usage has been for Trunk Systems Control Channels. And, welcome to the Community.

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Wow, great questions! I hadn’t thought about resuming a tracking session. We attempted to track a jammer that provided his disruption during a 10am net for a period of several months. The struggle I had with my Kerberos (upgraded to Kraken) was the competing signals on the repeater input frequency. The added struggle was the jammer was mobile either northbound or southbound on a major highway through the area. He was ultimately identified but the use of a MK4 Sniffer was needed to spot the truck. FCC was notified and they contacted him and his musical nonsense stopped for a couple months. Now he’s just a kerchuncker on weak signals and whenever the guy that caught him keys up. I’m posting a new question regarding TDOA with my Kraken.

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Correct, once you resume tracking it will begin appending log data to the file.

Yes you can upload the log files to the web mapper.

There’s nothing in the software that can combine two log files, but you should be able to manually append the two log files together using Excel.