Samsung Tab A8 laggy map updates

I have been using my Pixel 6 Pro and it works perfectly for the Kraken software.

I picked up a Samsung Tab A8 tablet and noticed a very obvious lag in the Kraken map updating while driving in the vehicle.

I switch back to the Pixel, no issue. Return to the tablet, very slow and delayed map refresh.

I am just wondering if the map isn’t refreshing fast but the GPS data is good, or if the GPS data is slow to the app, and I am seeing what the software believes is accurate GPS data.

Anyone have the same tablet and had any experience with this? Perhaps a setting needs to be changed on a this tablet vs the Pixel? Other than tone on and off, default settings used on both devices.


I believe after some testing I resolved this.

The Tablet doesn’t seem to get a proper GPS lock as quickly as the Pixel does.

After about 6-7 mins, the map behaves correctly.

Downloading maps didn’t make a difference, so it is tied to the GPS data coming from the device.

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