RF Power Limiters for KrakenSDRs

Hi I’m looking to protect the SDRs within the Kraken, against a max power threshold of 50 dBm transmissions near by. I need the power limiter to still allow the RDF capability to work while protecting the hardware. Can anyone make some suggestions?

I’ve been contemplating that issue as well.
I contacted John Hurst KU6X to ask if his transmit/receive switch (TRS) could be modified to VHF & UHF. I haven’t heard back from him yet. He wrote a QST magazine article in August 2018 but better info is on his web site Solid state TR switch additional info – KU6X.com
I’ll let the group know what he says.
I tried to use my Kraken on a 6M (50.3 MHz) mobile transmitter hunt but was unsuccessful due to several design errors on my part. But I get the impression that few people are using Krakens that low in frequency-- it seems that UHF might be a more common use, though I have no real data to support that.

John answered me, he hadn’t heard of the Kraken and says "This really cool stuff!
I’d guess that the onboard EST protection circuits might give some strong signal protection.
There may be some off the shelf limiting modules with SMA connectors. Maybe MiniCircits would have something.

John" and sent this link: RF Limiters - Coaxial & Surface Mount Models | Mini-Circuits

I hope this was helpful.