Receive location of the Rpi4 (gps usb) on the kraken app

I want to receive the location of my rpi4 on the screen of my phone, using the kraken app.

How can I do?

My phone is connecting eth0.
Later I would try to drive my rpi at distance

If you have the GPS plugged in, and the location settings set to GPS correctly. It’ll display the Lat and Long on the screen with all the data. If you’re on the same network and can access the setting screen you can see the location. But you’d need the external GPS

Do you mean that you have an external GPS connected to your Pi 4? If that is the case, simply select ‘Kraken’ as the heading sensor in the Android app.

Thank you.
Now I can see Lat long in Configuration.
But I don’t see my location on the krakensdr app map.

I will try with dragonOS and DF aggregator but I would like to be able tosee the location on the app map.

Does the web gui indicate that the Pi 4 connected GPS is working?

Yes, Gps connected.
And I can see see Lat Long data

But I don’t see the cursor of my location on the map

I understand what you mean now. There won’t be a cursor showing the location of the Kraken GPS. Instead, the live bearing and heading lines will simply originate from that GPS location.

The only location cursor shown on the Android map will be from the Android device’s built in GPS module.

Thank you. I will try.
If I want to see a cursor of location, bearings and heading lines on an offline map, what can I use?

Df aggregator on linux?