Raspberry pi Wifi is spotty/jittery, often delays data for multiple seconds

I observed that sometimes the data coming to my mobile application from the Raspi is really late. Like it looses the WiFI connection for some reason, then all of the sudden it receives everything at once. Did anyone else encounter this? I was still able to find my target, it’s just not normal :smiley: Not sure if it’s a Raspi WiFi SoC issue or software.

Do you have the Pi in a metal enclosure by chance?

I don’t, have it in a plastic case but I am using a FAN. Could that cause such Issues? I’l look into it.

Don’t think a fan would cause issues, unless it happens to be noisy at 2.4 GHz.

It could just be the WiFi channel in use being briefly busy in some area, and there being a lot of collisions, causing data loss.