Raspberry Pi Kraken installation

I can’t figure out how to get Kraken to work on my Raspberry Pi 4. I downloaded BalenaEtcher and successfully put Kraken on an SD card. When I put that SD card in my raspberry Pi and turn it on it hangs up. The Raspberry Pi sits at a line that says the following (Krakenrf@krakensdr:~ $).

I used the SD card that came with the Raspberry Pi and it booted up and seemed to run fine. This is my first experience with any Raspberry Pi so it could very well be something super simple.

That is normal. The Raspberry Pi runs a command-line interface, not a GUI. Your phone would be the GUI in this case. You need to connect to a network and view the web page to get further.

Thanks! This was the information I needed. I have the web browser connected to the Kraken on my Android device. Next step is to 3d print the antenna template and start testing it.