Quick Way to Record 5 Channels of I/Q Data to 5 Files


I'm much excited receiving my new KrakenSDR. 

I would like to record 5 channels of coherent GPS I/Q data to 5 files on a PC for later post processing using C code (center frequency 1575.42MHz, bandwidth 2MHz, sampling rate 10MHz for example). 

I have used HackRF SDR's hackrf_transfer to do 1 channel recording before. But I'm unable to find similar tool for KrakenSDR.  

Is there a quick simple way to do this? 

Many thanks for your assistance.

Best - Rick

Hi, the easiest way to do this is probably via GNU Radio. You’d use the KrakenSDR GNU Radio source block and use the GNU Radio file sink block to write them to file.

Thank you Carl !

Best - Rick