Questions discernibility, modulation, off line

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if somebody have found in the wiki something on the sensibility of Kraken. More precisely, the minimum discernible signal in 140Mhz, 433MhZ, and 868MHz? I have seen that some SDR had -150dBm sensitivity. Is it the same for the Kraken, is it better or worse.

I’am not a professional of SDR and I have found lot of different response concerning OOK FSK modulation. Does the kraken deal with all modulations. All modulations could be tracked?

Somebody which already work with Kraken could say to me if we can use kraken Of line. Without 4G. Or tracking, and the maps are only usable with the server?

A lot of questioning, and would be sure before paying 650 dollars :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

KrakenSDR is based on R820T2 RTL-SDRs, so the same sensitivity measurements and caveats apply. Here is one document with measurements from a while ago

The caveats being that sensitivity can vary slightly between units. Unless you’re attempting to detect extremely weak signals, the sensitivity of the RTL-SDRs/KrakenSDR will be fine.

The modulation doesn’t matter that much, OOK/ASK is fine.

The Kraken app works best with a mobile internet connection, but you don’t need one. You can download or cache maps for an area that you know that you will be operating in before setting out. If it’s a dense area, or a wide area you might be restricted to lower resolution maps since there is a tile limit on downloads. And of course if you move out of that area, you’ll need a connection. Also the turn-by-turn directions feature will not work without a connection.

Thank you for the answer. I am going to study this document.

So, after reading this document, the sensitivity is about -127dBm at 24MHz and increase with the frequency up to -137 dBm at 1000MHz. Thank you for your help krakenrf_carl.