Question on running KrakenSDR without Pi and Android on Linux laptop

I’m trying to run the krakensdr_doa on my linux laptop as I don’t have a Raspberry Pi 4 or Android phone readily available to me. I was wondering if this is possible and for some help getting connected to the web ui if it is.

I have gone through the manual install scripts and have the krakensdr_doa folder installed and I am able to run the and scripts successfully in terminal but I cannot figure out how to connect to the web ui. Any combination of, localhost:8080,, or my wifi network’s IP:8080 do not work to connect. My setup right now consists of the krakensdr connected to wall power via usb-c and then I have a usb-c to usb-a from kraken data port to my laptop. Is there a config file in the krakensdr_doa folder I need to update with an IP address perhaps? I’m sure I’m probably missing a step somewhere.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated, thanks!

By default it will host on, which is tied to the device’s default IP. So localhost:8080 or should work on the local machine, and the local IP should work on a networked device.

If it’s not working, then I suspect something went wrong with the installation. Please check the _logs and .log files in the krakensdr_doa and heimdall folders and see if there are any messages about missing dependencies, or any errors about connecting.

Thanks for getting back, so I wasn’t seeing anything interesting in the logs to indicate an an issue but I was able to solve it by deleting the install and reinstalling. The issue the first time turned out to be not running the install script straight from my home directory, I was running it out of a created folder and that’s where I was running into the issue. Now I can connect to the web ui. Thanks!

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