Programatic access to coherent interface

Is there an example of how I can interface the krakensdr directly via the usb interface from C++?

I can see there are 5 RTLSDR devices but I dont know how to sync them.

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You probably want to take a look at GitHub - krakenrf/gr-krakensdr

All the example interfaces we have are in Python, but if you are skilled it should be possible to convert to C++.

You’ll still need to run our Heimdall DAQ software as the base layer in your software stack. Heimdall handles the sync and coherence, and provides the coherent IQ data.

At D0han mentioned, check out gr-krakensdr, and also check out the Python files in the _receiver and _signal_processing folders in the DOA code for examples on how to interface with Heimdall either through the shared memory or TCP interface.