Product Mgr: Below 100mhz on Roadmap Anywhere?

I need to track down illegal RF interference coming from old poorly maintained wooden utility power poles owned by my local electricity provider. I believe it’s actually arcing to the wooden pole and could start a fire. Problem is, the interference is affecting AM radio and it completely screws up my ability to communicate on HF bands. Any news or roadmap intentions below 100mhz? The power company is in legal jeopardy, they sent a truck with an Agilent analyzer but claim they cannot tell where it’s coming from.

Using the KrakenSDR for direction finding down to the bottom of the receivable range at 24 MHz is theoretically possible.

But the problem in reality is that the physics of radio direction finding with this technique mean that the size of the array required is prohibitively big.

For 100 MHz you could probably get away with an array sized at 50cm radius. But even that is quite big. If the noise is at 50 MHz, you’re talking an array size at a minimum of 100 cm. At 20 MHz, it’s a 255cm radius, not practical at all.

So for HF frequencies other direction finding techniques are more suitable. The easiest would simply be heat mapping. Drive around, match GPS logs, and find out where the noise power is the highest.