Problem registering at

Hi @KrakenRF,

I am trying to register. I get the on screen message saying I have been successfully registered however no email is received. Yes, I have checked my spam. Appreciate any help.


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Could you please try a password reset?

Thanks. Have just tried that with no email being received.

The registration systems for this site ( and the cloud mapper ( are different. Are you using the same email address for both websites?

Yes I am. Should they be different?

They can definitely be the same. I just wanted to make sure you were checking the right email address. Could you please provide the following:

email address
serial number

Please send the above as a PM.

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Thank you. All sorted and now working.

Same issue for me. Tried a few different emails, never get an activation email.

It appears I don’t yet have the ability to send messages on the Forum.

Could you please email me through the main website? I’llneed you’re serial number, email address, and username.

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Been trying to reset password for I get the email with the reset link which only brings me right back to the login page. I dont seen to get a chance to actually reset my password. Love your product and all the back end support!

Please email your username and serial number to: [email protected]