Power Supply requirements

Hello. You’ve mentioned that KrakenSDR and Raspberry PI are very demanding to the power source and you recommended using the original Raspberry PI power supply. Indeed, I’ve tried using a DC-DC 24v->5v converter and noticed some pesky behavior, when on config update Raspberry loses connection with the Kraken for good, and the only way to fix it is to burn the image again. I believe this is related to increased power consumption on device recalibration and corruption of files on the SD card. There is no such problem with the original power supplies though. However, I am trying to power the device either from a 12v or 24v car battery. A 24v to 220v car inverter is not the best option, since it noticeably increases the noise level (from -70 to -60 db). I am looking for a decent DC-DC converter, and to find one I would like to know what are the exact requirements for the power sources for Kraken and Raspberry PI, apart from producing 3+ amps of current. Because a module like this did not work properly:

Thank you

P.S. I know I can use a car USB charger, but I had the same problems (corrupted config files) with one as well, so knowing the power supply requirements would be nice

The KrakenSDR needs about 2.2A max, which is when the noise source is turned on. Without the noise source it needs 2.1A.

I think the issues you are seeing with the corrupted SD card are related the KrakenSDR current usage increasing a little bit when the noise source turns on (after clicking update). The noise source only uses a little bit more current, but the initial inrush could cause the voltage to drop.

It seems that cheap DCDC converter just can’t handle that small extra inrush current. Maybe using two would work, instead of just one. One connected to the Raspberry Pi and one to the Kraken.

That DCDC module also doens’t say what it’s output current capability at 5V is, so maybe it’s just not able to support the 5V/5.2A required. Most DCDC are usually limited to 5V/3A only. Again, using two would solve that.

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