Possible GUI enhancement

We have been involved with some tracking where we need to start by waiting for interference to occur in a stationary location (high point) to get an initial bearing and then want to immediately commence driving to collect more bearing data.

I am trying to avoid having to change the settings when going from stationary to moving.
I have the following settings:
Logging mode: log everything
Stationary threshold: 5km/hr
Logging period: 1s

Heading Sensor: GPS

Will this work well for my scenario? I know I am likely to pick up non-target transmissions at first, but I think I can filter them out later, or just start a new log file (with the Save button) once I have a good signal to work with. Does that all make sense?


If you are on GPS mode while stationary your vehicle heading will probably be incorrect unless you’ve been moving first. So you probably want to set the Heading sensor initially to Compass or Manual and wait for the interference to start to get your initial bearing. Then when it’s started, switch back to GPS and head off.

If there is no signal there when the interference isn’t broadcasting, then it should be squelched, and you’ll get no erroneous bearings. But if there are other signals on that frequency they could cause the squelch to activate, and in that cause probably best to clear that log file and start fresh when you drive off.