Permanent antenna arrangements

99% of time will be using this in 700 and 800 range. Was going to fabricate some foundation for antennas for rapid deployment. Any suggestions. Not sure to use metal, plastic or plexiglass. Not an expert in polarity and what can deter antennas for proper Rx. Was going to to use around plexiglass with a 12+ inch diameter and use old mag mount antenna magnets to glue on bottom with soft rubber drip not to scratch car roof and glue antennas on top part with correct measurements.

My measurements with printout template for 800mhz is around 6.28 inches does this sound right. Any ideas would help.

My mobile 700-1700 mhz array (next to the vhf-uhf array).

Using this antenna and 2 pie tins with magnets.

Bingfu 4G LTE Outdoor Wall Mount…

Weather resistance? Bad ass looking. Was going to buy pizza pan but that is great. Pie pans. Awesome

In my case antennas 800mhz is roughly 6.25 inches.

How soon do you need this? Offering a ground plane as a product is something we have been considering.

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As soon as possible.

We won’t be of much help then. Your best bet is a pizza pan.

The antennas are outdoor rated (so the pie tins don’t have to be lol)

Most likely will be purchasing several more units in coming weeks or months so hopefully by then you guys will have something.