Passive Signals Collection

I may just be a fool, but I’m currently working under the assumption that when I’m not using the KrakenSDR for its direction-finding purpose, I should be able to utilize the individual SDRs for passive signals collection on an application like SDRSharp or SDRAngel. I’m trying to figure out how to individually employ the SDRs to track down signals before utilizing the DF capabilities. I can’t seem to get the applications mentioned above to notice the SDR when I plug it in.

Yes, the KrakenSDR should just show up as five individual RTL-SDRs if you use it in standard software like SDR# or SDRAngel. I’m not sure why the units aren’t showing up for you though. Did you install the drivers on Windows with Zadig?

Yeah, I did the driver setup through Zadig like usual and it seems to recognize that something is plugged in. I’ve attached two photos that might paint a better picture than I can explain in words.
Screenshot 2024-05-06 214951
Once you click on one of these generic devices, it gives an error stating, “The device is no longer available.”

Odd that you’re seeing 8 units for a single KrakenSDR.

I assume no other program is using the dongles?

No, nothing else should be using the dongles. Another interesting fact is that OEM (3) allows me to click on and press play without the availability error, while the rest do not.

I had a similar issue using SDR++, One or two dongles seemed to work others did not. If I recall correctly when doing lsusb I saw more than expected dongles + USB hub. Maybe 1 is a combination of dongles… just a WAG though.

Overall though it worked fine…

Are you simply selecting the ones you think are “real” in SDR++?

I am selecting based off the name displayed in SDR++, for example "generic RTL OEM (0), (1), (2), etc.

Some context, I’m running SDR on Mac M1 and at the time of install there wasn’t an “installer” so I could have just setup wrong. I was also in a hurry trying to listen to weather updates during a tornado so… completely possible I just setup incorrectly in SDR++. :man_shrugging:

Not a really an issue for me. In SDR++ there are about 8 choices - I would expect 5 or 6.